2Getherz Marketing offers the capability to create compelling and vibrant digital messages on a variety of screens. Digital signage is a contemporary advertising medium that can help your company adapt to changing business needs. Whether you want to attract customers with eye-catching advertisements, upsell shoppers with dynamic product showcases, or welcome visitors in reception areas, digital signs offer a versatile solution. This advertising format excels in attracting new customers, promoting your brand, and increasing sales.

Businesses across all industries leverage outdoor signage to:

Identify: Ensure that your business is easily located by prominently displaying appropriate signage. The right outdoor signage is crucial for identifying your company’s office or storefront.

Impress: Capture the attention of passersby, whether they are in a car or walking down the street, leaving a lasting and positive impression.

Invite: Utilize outdoor signs to encourage specific customer actions, employing active, call-to-action language consistent with other marketing materials.

Inform: Convey essential information about your business’s nature and personality through carefully designed signs tailored to your store or office front.

Instill: Forge connections and build relationships with individuals as they engage with your signage. Your outdoor signs should serve as a reinforcement of your branding, creating a memorable and consistent experience.

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Digital signage is an invaluable marketing tool for attracting new customers. With sleek graphics and vibrant colors, digital signage content has the power to captivate people’s attention and entice them into your store or business. Particularly at trade shows, digital signs can set your company apart from competitors. As attendees navigate through numerous vendors, dynamic and changing digital signs can draw them to your booth, resulting in increased leads and sales opportunities.

Here are several reasons why digital sign displays can effectively attract customers to your business:

  1. Beautiful and Bold Designs: Digital signs feature visually appealing designs with vibrant colors that resonate with your target demographics.

  2. Eye-catching Movement: Unlike static images, rotating digital signs display multiple messages, capturing the attention of potential customers with engaging movement.

  3. Updated Information and Deals: Digital signage allows you to present real-time specials and current offers, enticing customers with the latest deals and timely information, without the need for costly replacements of static imagery.

  4. Targeted Messages: Utilize digital signage to deliver targeted messages to your specific audience. Whether your business serves multiple demographics or audiences, rotating digital signs enable you to reach various groups effectively.


Modern and effective digital signage is shaping the future of advertising, with businesses increasingly opting for this dynamic option over traditional signage. The benefits of choosing digital signage for your business are manifold, providing endless design possibilities and dynamic updating capabilities. By embracing digital signage, you can enhance sales, engage customers, and streamline your advertising efforts while minimizing printing costs and installation hassles associated with traditional promotional posters. Here are several advantages you can expect when incorporating digital signage into your business strategy:

  1. Unlimited Content: Unlike printed signage with limited space, rotating digital signage offers nearly limitless advertising space. This flexibility allows your business to create a more profound brand impression, conveying your company’s story in a dynamic and engaging format.

  2. Lower Advertising Costs: Digital signage significantly reduces advertising expenses by eliminating the need for frequent printing and shipping of new signs and posters. With digital graphics, you can quickly upload new content, reducing the time and effort required for traditional advertisement installation. After the initial investment in digital signage, you can expect long-term cost savings.

  3. Increased Advertising Revenue: In venues, events, stadiums, and conference centers, rotating digital signage provides more opportunities to sell advertising space. Digital signs can promote ads for sponsors or be purchased by local businesses, contributing to enhanced advertising revenue.

  4. Reduced Costs from Mistakes: Mistakes on printed media can be costly, necessitating the reprinting and reshipping of materials. Digital signage allows for easy correction by simply uploading the correct design into the display system, minimizing the impact on your company’s time and budget.

  5. Fast Content Creation and Implementation: Implementing graphics into digital signage is typically faster than ordering printed advertising. This efficiency is particularly advantageous for businesses with multiple locations, enabling rapid updates to media content without the need for shipping new materials to each site for every promotion or sale.

Consider exploring hybrid applications by using a digital screen to promote new products or announce daily services, while traditional signs such as printed posters can highlight signature menu items or brand messaging consistently. Engaging customers through various media types can increase brand awareness and drive more sales.



Once your captivating digital window signs have successfully drawn customers to your business, you can strategically influence their buying journey using digital signage throughout your store. Thoughtfully leveraging digital signs can create an enjoyable shopping experience, guide customers, and educate them about your products and services. Here are several ways that digital signage can enhance customer experience and boost revenue for your business:

  1. Targeted Messaging: Utilize attractive images and targeted messaging to connect with different customer segments. Adjust your digital signs throughout the day to address the specific needs and interests of different customer groups.

  2. Product Features: Digital displays can provide essential information about product features and service benefits. Presenting side-by-side product comparisons with detailed graphics or showcasing product information in eye-catching visuals can address common customer questions and empower your sales team to focus on productivity.

  3. Product Demonstrations: Creative digital signage can help customers visualize how your products work by showcasing them in action through animations or live-action presentations.

  4. Deals and Discounts: Digital signs are an effective way to inform customers about ongoing deals or discounts while they browse your products. Presenting special offers during the shopping experience increases the likelihood of customers taking notice and making a purchase.

  5. Upselling and Cross-Selling: Digital signs can highlight complementary products or higher-end options, encouraging customers to consider additional purchases. Prominently featuring related products can increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

  6. Reduced Wait Time: Placing rotating digital signage near checkouts or order counters provides customers with engaging content to view while they wait. Digital signage outside sporting events or venues can also boost sales by exciting customers about purchasing merchandise upon arrival.

  7. Wayfinding and Directions: In malls or large office complexes, digital signs help customers quickly locate what they need. Wayfinding signs and directories make the shopping experience smoother and more enjoyable, particularly in busy retail centers.

By strategically incorporating digital signage into your store environment, you can enhance the customer experience, increase engagement, and ultimately drive sales and revenue for your business.


Digital signage offers a valuable tool for keeping employees informed about company updates, new policies, and various important announcements. In both office settings and industrial warehouses, electronic signage can efficiently communicate essential information, eliminating the need for frequent meetings for minor updates or changes. Key advantages of using digital signage for internal communication include:

  1. Announcements: Digital signs can display important announcements, ensuring that employees receive timely information about changes, events, or updates within the company.

  2. Safety Updates: In industrial settings, digital signage can be utilized to share safety updates and guidelines. This visual communication method is effective in enhancing workplace safety awareness.

  3. Notifications: Display notifications about upcoming events, deadlines, or important dates to keep employees aware and prepared. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and can plan accordingly.

  4. Consistent Information: Digital signage ensures that information is presented consistently across various departments and locations. This helps in avoiding misunderstandings or miscommunication that may arise from inconsistent messaging.

  5. Dynamic Content: Digital signs allow for dynamic content, enabling the inclusion of multimedia elements such as videos, graphics, and animations to make information more engaging and memorable.

  6. Real-Time Updates: Instantly update information on digital signs, allowing for real-time communication of important messages without delays. This is particularly useful for urgent announcements or changes.

  7. Cost and Time Savings: By reducing the need for frequent meetings, digital signage contributes to cost and time savings. Important information can be conveyed efficiently to a large audience without the logistical challenges associated with in-person gatherings.

Overall, digital signage serves as an effective internal communication tool, providing a modern and dynamic way to keep employees informed and engaged with company updates and policies.


Developing a comprehensive strategy for your digital signage is crucial for adapting and updating content to align with your company’s brand and advertising goals. To maximize the impact of your digital signage, consider the following recommendations:

  1. Vibrant Visuals: Choose bright and eye-catching colors that align with your brand identity. Vibrant visuals and images are more likely to grab the audience’s attention and leave a lasting impression.

  2. Reflective Messaging: Ensure that the language used in your digital signage reflects the message you want to communicate. Whether it’s promoting a menu, beer list, directory, product advertisement, or event announcement, the language should resonate with your target audience.

  3. Connect with the Audience: Craft a final graphic that establishes a connection with your audience. Consider the preferences and interests of your target demographic, and tailor the content to appeal to them directly.

  4. Highlight Key Information: Clearly highlight the essential information you want your audience to take away. Whether it’s promotional offers, event details, or product features, make sure the key details are easily visible and understandable.

  5. Customizable Options: Take advantage of fully customizable digital signage options. This flexibility allows you to design a variety of content, such as branded trade show displays, bold lettering and graphics for specific venues, halftime show ads, and event announcements.

  6. Consistent Branding: Maintain consistency in branding across all digital signage. This includes using your logo, colors, and fonts consistently to reinforce brand recognition.

  7. Engaging Content: Create content that captivates and engages your audience. Incorporate multimedia elements like videos and animations to make the digital signage more dynamic and interesting.

At 2Getherz Marketing, we specialize in providing fully customizable digital signage solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re promoting products, events, or services, our team can help you create visually appealing and impactful digital messages to enhance your brand presence.


Choosing the right location for your digital signage is crucial to maximize its effectiveness in building brand awareness and increasing revenue. The placement should align with your business goals and enhance the customer experience. Consider these strategic locations for deploying digital signage in your business:

1. Window Displays:
– Engage customers with seasonal promotions, new products, or daily specials.
– Use dynamic, moving images to showcase signature menu items for restaurants, enticing customers to enter.

2. Ordering Counters:
– Place descriptive digital signs near check-outs or ordering counters to influence purchasing decisions.
– Utilize digital signage to suggest additional items or services, effectively upselling customers.

3. Pillars or Columns:
– Maximize unused space by deploying digital signs on pillars or columns.
– Direct customers through the store or educate them about promotions, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

4. Near Key Products:
– Highlight unique features of specific products by placing digital signage nearby.
– Educate customers about the benefits of products as they shop, enabling more informed purchasing decisions.

5. Entryways or Lobbies:
– Enhance customer navigation and create a seamless shopping experience with digital signage in entryways or lobbies.
– Help customers find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

When determining the placement of digital signage, prioritize areas where your target audience is likely to engage with the message. Tailor the content to the location, ensuring it aligns with the specific needs and interests of customers in that area. By strategically placing digital signage, you can effectively convey your message, drive engagement, and ultimately boost brand awareness and revenue.


To ensure the effectiveness of your digital signs, consider the following tips for optimal placement:

1. Eye Level Placement:
– Position digital signs at eye level to maximize visibility.
– Signs that are too high or too low may go unnoticed or be challenging for customers to read clearly.

2. High Traffic Areas:
– Choose locations with high foot traffic to maximize exposure.
– Place digital signs in busy areas such as lobbies, near check-out lines, or other focal points where customers frequently gather.

3. Clear Line of Sight:
– Ensure that digital signs have a clear line of sight and are not obstructed by pillars, merchandise, or other signage within the store.
– Optimize visibility to capture the attention of customers as they navigate through the space.

4. Consider Lighting and Glare:
– Assess the impact of lighting conditions on digital signs.
– Choose locations with appropriate lighting to avoid glare from the sun, ensuring that signs remain readable throughout the day.

5. Observe Customer Behavior:
– Study how customers navigate through the store and identify areas where they spend the most time.
– Select spots where customers are naturally inclined to view and engage with your digital messaging.

By strategically placing digital signs based on customer behavior and visibility considerations, you can enhance the overall impact of your messaging and effectively communicate with your target audience.


If you’re prepared to experience the advantages of upgraded digital signs, 2Getherz Marketing is poised to be your comprehensive solution for all digital signage requirements. Collaborating with 2Getherz Marketing means engaging with trained professionals who prioritize listening to your needs and asking the pertinent questions. Our expert design team is dedicated to crafting custom digital signage that aligns with the unique requirements and style of your business, and our adaptable capabilities ensure the transformation of any design concept into reality. Explore our portfolio for inspiration or reach out to your local 2Getherz Marketing for a customized quote.

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WHAT MAKES GOOD SIGNAGE? Good signage incorporates key elements:

  • Function: It should effectively direct people where they need to go, utilizing clear language and symbols.
  • Attraction: Utilize eye-catching colors and fonts to capture attention.
  • Size: Signs should be easily readable and large enough to stand out.
  • Branding: Graphics should align with and reinforce the brand.

CAN I CUSTOMIZE MY OWN DIGITAL BANNER SIGNS? Absolutely. You have the flexibility to create a custom sign featuring your company’s name or logo, designed to stand out and engage your customers. 2Getherz Marketing offers various materials such as sleek aluminum, durable plastic, bold acrylic, and affordable coroplast.

CAN YOU MAKE SIGNS FOR BUSINESSES? Certainly. digital signs play a vital role in attracting and providing an enjoyable experience for customers, ensuring a lasting brand impression. 2Getherz Marketing can create custom signs tailored to your business needs.