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  • Indoor Signs: These communicate specific messages to employees or customers already within your building, focusing on encouraging purchases or aiding navigation.
  • Outdoor Signs: Designed as attention-grabbing promotional tools to attract potential customers, emphasizing visibility and readability with bold, large-format graphics and high-contrast color schemes.


  • Size: Outdoor signs are typically larger for increased visibility, crucial for attracting customers from a distance.
  • Text: Outdoor signs require large, easily readable text, while indoor signs can feature smaller, more detailed text.
  • Colors: Outdoor signs often use bold, eye-catching colors to stand out amidst surroundings, while indoor signs may employ more subdued colors.
  • Graphics: Both types of signs can include custom graphics, but the suitability of an image varies based on its contribution to the sign’s message.
  • Other Design Elements: Lighting, placement, digital features, and 3D detailing are tailored to the specific environment of indoor or outdoor signage.


  • Indoor Signs: Viewed by customers already interested in your business, focusing on reinforcing brand messaging and facilitating transactions.
  • Outdoor Signs: Targeted towards potential customers who need convincing to visit your business, requiring compelling messaging to attract attention and prompt action.

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Best Services For Large Format Outdoor Signage

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